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Thirthan Valley Tour Package

Tirthan Valley Tour Package

4 Nights /5 Days

Place Covered
Pandoh Dan
Hanogi Temple
Serosar Lake
Himalayan Park
Tirthan Valley

Unwind, Explore, exhilarate: Your 5-Day Jibhi-Tirthan Valley Odyssey Awaits!

Jibhi Tirthan Valley Tour Package


Explore the untouched beauty of Himachal Pradesh with our 5-day, 4-night Jibhi and Tirthan Valley tour. Begin in the tranquil village of Jibhi, surrounded by lush greenery and traditional charm. Interact with locals, marvel at the architecture, and immerse yourself in serenity. The journey takes you to Tirthan Valley, a haven for nature lovers. Experience the pristine Tirthan River, trek through dense forests, and enjoy thrilling adventures. Our balanced itinerary ensures a perfect blend of relaxation and exploration. From cultural immersion in Jibhi to adrenaline-pumping activities in Tirthan Valley, this tour promises unforgettable memories amidst Himachal's natural wonders. Join us for an enchanting celebration of heritage and landscapes.

Quick info:

• Route: Delhi - Jibhi - Jalori pass - Serolsar Lake - Chehni Kothi - Delhi

• Start Point: Delhi

• End Point: Delhi

• Duration: 4 Days, 3 Nights


Special days deserve special prices. Diwali, Dussehra, Christmas, and New Year? Don't settle for the ordinary! Contact us directly and unlock rates as magical as the mountains themselves.

.Spice Up Your Jibhi Adventure:

Must-Do's for the Foodie Soul & Bohemian Spirit

Forget bland buffets. In Jibhi, your taste buds are in for a Pahadi paradise!

• Savour the symphony of spices: Dive into steaming bowls of thukpa, spicy momos that'll dance on your tongue, and fluffy flatbreads that are the perfect comfort food. Each bite is a vibrant journey through Himachali flavours.

• Home is where the hearth is: Ditch the hotel chains and embrace the Pahadi way of life! Stay in a cosy homestay. Sip chai with your hosts, learn age-old recipes, and soak in the warmth of genuine Himachali hospitality.

• Escape to your mini-Thailand: Forget plane tickets! Kulhi Katandi awaits a serene lake nestled amidst towering rocks, whispering secrets of hidden waterfalls and emerald meadows. It's like stepping into a postcard from Phuket, right here in the Himalayas!

These are just appetizers for your Jibhi adventure. Come hungry for unique experiences and leave with a heart full of stories and a soul overflowing with Pahadi magic! How to reach:

To reach Jibhi, swap city smog for mountain mist with these exciting options:

By Air:

Land at Indira Gandhi International Airport (IGI) in Delhi, a hub with international connections. From there, catch a domestic flight to Bhuntar Airport in Kullu. A scenic taxi ride later, you'll find yourself in Jibhi.

By Rail:

All aboard the Adventure Express at New Delhi Railway Station, connecting Delhi to all corners of India. Opt for a cosy sleeper train or a luxurious Rajdhani. Disembark at Chandigarh Railway Station and catch a bus or taxi to Jibhi.

By Road:

Hit the highway! Buses from Delhi offer a scenic road trip through charming towns and breathtaking landscapes. Enjoy the ride, roll down the windows, and let the wind in your hair carry you to Jibhi.

Bonus Tip:

Jibhi's magic isn't just about the destination but the journey. Crank up the tunes, sing along to the rhythm of the road, and let the anticipation build for your Himalayan adventure! Buckle up, adventurer Jibhi awaits!

Introduction: Imagine this:

• Crisp mountain air tickling your nose

The gurgle of crystal-clear rivers echoing through pristine valleys

Snow-capped peaks piercing a canvas of cerulean sky

This isn't a screensaver - it's your reality on our enchanting 5-day, 4-night Jibhi-Tirthan Valley tour package.

Jibhi: Your haven amidst Himalayan bliss.

•Where time slows down

• A cultural kaleidoscope

•Nature's playground

Tirthan Valley: Adventure thrums in every vein.

•Trekking nirvana

•Wild whispers

•Adrenaline rush

But wait, there's more!

• Cosy homestays or luxurious camps

• Bonfire nights under a million stars

• Authentic flavours

This is not just a trip; it's a transformation. Reconnect with nature, discover hidden gems, and forge memories that'll last a lifetime. So, ditch the mundane and embrace the extraordinary - your Jibhi-Tirthan Valley odyssey awaits!

Ready to embark? Let's get packing!

Jibhi-Tirthan: Highlights to Steal Your Breath Away

1. Ancient Whispers: Witness the 1500-year-old Pahadi Temple Tower lean gracefully at Chaini Fort, feeling the weight of history in its every weathered stone.

2. Serene Jewel: Find tranquillity at Serolsar Lake, nestled amidst mountains. Dip your toes in its calm waters and let the worries melt away.

3. Nature's Symphony: Step into the Great Himalayan National Park and explore vibrant rhododendron forests teeming with life. Keep your eyes peeled for exotic birds and majestic snow leopards.

4. Rainbow Chase: Stand beneath the cascading Jibhi Waterfall, feeling the mist kiss your face and chase the vibrant rainbows dancing before your eyes.

Ready to turn these highlights into cherished memories? Let's craft your dream Jibhi-Tirthan adventure today!

Day1Delhi to Jibhi - Embrace the Mountain Road

• Morning: Bid farewell to the city's bustle and board your comfortable vehicle. As you unwind, watch the cityscape melt into rolling hills and verdant valleys.

• Afternoon: Wind through charming towns like Mandi and Kullu, each with unique charm. Stop for lunch at a local restaurant and savour Himachali delicacies.

• Evening: Arrive in Jibhi, your cosy mountain haven. Settle into your charming homestay, adorned with traditional wood carvings and vibrant prayer flags. Breathe in the crisp mountain air and feel the tension melt away.

Day2Reach Jibhi Valley & Sightseeing - Where Nature Paints the Canvas

• Morning: Embark on a gentle walk through the village, past quaint houses and fields bursting with wildflowers. Interact with the warm locals and learn about their rich culture and traditions.

• Afternoon: Visit the Jibhi Waterfall, a cascading beauty tucked amidst dense forests. Hike to the top for breathtaking views of the valley below.

• Evening: Savor a traditional Himachali dinner at a local restaurant. Share stories and laughter with fellow travellers under a starlit sky, mesmerized by the Milky Way.

Day3Excursion to Serolsar Lake - A Mirror of Heaven

• Morning: Rise early and drive to Jalori Pass, a scenic route offering panoramic vistas of snow-capped peaks. Stop for chai at a local dhaba and soak in the breathtaking views.

• Afternoon: Reach Serolsar Lake, a pristine jewel nestled amidst towering mountains. Rent a paddleboat, explore the tranquil waters, or relax on the shore and soak in the serenity.

• Evening: Drive back to Jibhi, stopping at a local market to pick up souvenirs and handcrafted treasures. Enjoy a bonfire under the stars and share stories of your Serolsar adventure.

Day4Excursion to Chehni Kothi - Where Time Slows Down

• Morning: After a leisurely breakfast, embark on a scenic drive to Chehni Kothi, a secluded village nestled amidst apple orchards.

• Afternoon: Explore the charming village, meet the friendly locals, and learn about their traditional way of life. Participate in a cooking class and learn to prepare Himachali delights.

• Evening: Enjoy a traditional Himachali dinner at a local homestay, savouring the region's flavours. Stroll under the starlit sky, listening to the whispers of the pines.

Day5Arrival at Delhi - End of Trip, Memories Forever

• Morning: Bid farewell to your newfound friends and the mountains that have enchanted you. Board your vehicle and embark on the journey back to Delhi.

• Afternoon: Arrive in Delhi, refreshed and rejuvenated. Carry with you the memories of your Jibhi-Tirthan Valley adventure – the breathtaking landscapes, the warm smiles of the locals, and the stories that will forever be etched in your heart.

This is just a glimpse of the magic on this tour. Each day promises a unique adventure filled with breathtaking sights, authentic experiences, and a chance to reconnect with yourself and the natural world.


✔   Pickup & Drop.

✔   Welcome Drink on Arrival.

✔   All sightseeing’s by individual car.

✔  Transfers: Destination-Hotel-Destination.

✔  Sight-seeing as per tour itinerary.

✔  All toll taxes, parking fees and driver’s allowance.

✔  Inclusive of all taxes.


✖  Charges for early Check-In & late Check-Out at Hotel

✖  Lunch & Snacks

✖  Air fare/ train fare

✖  Monuments Entrance fees during sightseeing

✖  Camera charges/Rides etc

✖  Any other item not specified in the Package Inclusions

✖  5% Goods And Services Tax(GST)